UTECH Asia 2016 Shanghai China

Meet Laader Berg 2-3-4 August 2016 at UTECH Asia in Shanghai China


K-2016 Dusseldorf Germany

Meet Laader Berg, 19-20-21-22-23-24-24-25-26-26 October 2016 at the K-Messe in Dusseldorf, Germany


Feipur 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Meet Laader Berg 9-9-10 November in Sao Paulo, Brazil


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The Inventor of Maxfoam™

In 1985 Mr. Laader Berg was awarded the Urethanes Group Medal for the invention of Maxfoam™ and the Maxfoam™ Process.

Laader Berg AS was founded by the Norwegian inventor and engineer, Mr. Laader Berg.

As inventor of Maxfoam™ and the Maxfoam™ Process, our company has always maintained Laader Berg’s original vision and constant focus to continuously push the boundaries of polyurethane and foam production through embracing the latest chemical technologies that allow our customers to produce the highest quality foam.

To date we have designed, installed and integrated over 400 continuous foam production plants worldwide. An unprecedented array of state of the art custom tailored solutions that enable our customers to not only maximize their production levels, maintain the highest grade of foam production, but minimize their operating costs. As a result, the Maxfoam™ Process and Maxfoam™ technology continues to be the World Class Standard in polyurethane foam production. 

From our headquarters in Norway and worldwide representatives, our unique knowledge, expertise and experience allows us to provide you with the optimal solution for your foam production requirements.