Basic Maxfoam™

On a Maxfoam™ machine the freshly mixed liquid chemicals are piped from the mixer into the bottom fed foaming trough. The initial reaction now takes place and the expanding foam flows onto the bottom paper, which is sliding on an inclined fall-plate.

Liquid lay-down Maxfoam™

Every Laader Berg® Maxfoam™ machine can be equipped for conventional liquid lay-down foaming with hanging mixer, traverse system and extra fall-plate sections.

High Pressure Maxfoam™

In addition to Liquid Lay-Down, every Maxfoam™ machine can be equipped with high pressure TDI. TDI can be run as low or as high pressure once this system is installed.

Sales and Representatives

From our headquarters in Norway and worldwide representatives, we provide you with the best knowledge of the PU Industry. Our offer is always based on a deep understanding of your needs, and as a result includes detailed specifications of machine solutions as well as its "interface" throughout your value chain.